built on ---  "Terpolymer Technology"
an alternative to silicone & urethane Chemistry
                  (The Best Protector)

Industrial and High End Residential

Formulated for Vinyl, Fiber-Cement siding,
Fiberglass, Cedar, Metal Roofing and Panels/
Brick & Masonry, Sky Lights, Sun Rooms,
Truck Trailers, Termination Bars & Flashing, 

Available in all NPC Standard Colors
     Premium and Custom Colors.

 (10.3 oz Consumer Size  or  19 oz.  Pro-Size)
Exceptional joint flexibility                 Paintable
Full UV  protection                            Skins in 1 hour
Exceptional adhesion                       4 Season application

               FIELD PROVEN OVER 30 YEARS

               #400 GUTTER SEAL
               Terpolymer" Adhesive/Sealant

                For all rain carrying systems.
                Ideal for new
installations & repairs
                over failures of previous

          Available in White, Clear, Aluminum
                       & Bronze

            10.3 oz Consumer Size  or
                 5 oz Squeeze Tubes    

Exceptional U.V. resistance             Primerless adhesion
Flexible                                          4 Season application
         100% SILICONE             

            NPC 100% silicone is virtually
          unaffected by  climate extremes.

          For use on vinyl windows & siding,
          skylights, glass & plastic.

          Available in  Clear, White & Bronze

         Excellent weather resistance 
         FDA approved
         Interior/Exterior application  
         Mildew resistant
         Permanently flexible
          No Petroleum odor 

            Exterior Adhesive
 EXT-BOND  develops a  strong flexible
   bond between numerous building

  It’s an exceptional exterior adhesive that
         withstands outdoor conditions.

Available in Black, White, Clear & Aluminum

Bonds Roof tiles          Bonds Roof Shingles
Bonds Cap Stones      Fiber Glass Panels
Rubber to Metal          Pavers to Concrete
Road Reflectors           Vinyl Products
built on --- Blocked  "Co-Polymer Rubber Chemistry"

       Residential RemodelingNew Construction
                    (The Elastomeric Protector)
Blocked Co-Polymer Rubber Chemistry adds
weathering & adhesive properties.
Seals right angle joints
on Vinyl, Fiber-Cement,
Metal & Wood Siding,
Windows and Doors.

            Available in all NPC Standard Colors

             ( 10.3 oz Consumer Size Tubes )
Added  U.V. protection               Strong  adhesion
Fade resistance                         Paintable
4 Season application                  Elastic

                 FIELD PROVEN OVER 20 YEARS
 #500 GUTTER & LAP 

                  #500 GUTTER & LAP
                Co-Polymer rubber based sealant.

            For use on most gutter installations.
                         Ideal for new installations.

                 Available in White &  Aluminum

                         10.3 oz  Cartridges or
                              8 oz  Squeeze tubes

         Good adhesion to metals           Year round Flexibilty
         4 season application                   Skins in 1 hour


   A highly specialized water based
   adhesive/sealant that uses the latest
    technology to provide a long lasting
    work place safe sealant.

  Primerless adhesion on Vinyl, Metal,
        Glass, Wood and Stucco.

  Ideal for interior work on new or
        replacement windows.

            Available in Clear and White

   Strength of SILicone                      Safety of laTEX
   High performance sealant              Paintable
   No petroleum solvent odor            Water clean up